Welcome to the MCRN4star Clan, Call of Duty Mobile Webpage

Here, you'll find a download link for the Discord chat app. Here, is another link to join your discord with our Clan channel. Discord is required for membership.
Our clan was created in June 2021. It was founded by M4*beaverSTYLE and M4*xhroot. MCRN4star Vice Clan Masters are @Picklez and @PHENOMENAL. Clan officer is @Isabella2143.
We are an Fourteen time legendary clan. We pride ourselves on being friendly, and team oriented. We're a largely North American clan but with representation with several countries globally. Highest rank achieved so far is 789th on the Global Leaderboard. While competing in clan wars is a focus, our main focus is ensuring that when you log in to play, there are friendly clan members to play with. Our community matters most.
To be eligible for MCRN4star, one must be in contact with M4*beaverSTYLE, play with their microphone on (some exceptions), have their speaker on to listen, be on our discord, and produce more than 5000 points per week in Clan Wars.
While a member, 2 weeks under 5000 Pts and you will asked to pick up your production.
We do not tolerate sexism, racism, homephobia, or any other forms of HARASSMENT.
Once again, please download the Discord app to your phone/device you intend on using, create an account, and then return here and click "Team Chat" below, to join the MCRN family clan channel.
We have a very large Discord network we invite you to be a part of as well as it is a way for us to stay in communication with you.
Now hook up your Discord and meet M4*beaverSTYLE in the discord Welcome Room and you'll receive one more initiation. Then join the family.

Team Chat